You live as long as you are remembered. ~ Russian Proverb

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Starting Over Yet Again

My endeavor to start over again last year didn't quite get the kick off I had hoped for.  Life and other things took priority.

The last few days I have been going through my binder of assorted information.  For 10+ years of searching, I have a lot of useless and unnecessary information and paper.  I also have either lost or misplaced some of what I did find over the years.   I'm finding some websites no longer work or that I ended up printing pages that were irrelevant to my research.

Looking over what I do have, I have more information on my father's side as far as names go.  I also have the stories my grandmother told me tucked in my head.  I am planning to get those written down to the best my memory can recall.  On my mother's side I have names as far back to only my great grandparents. 

I am considering a couple of sites to post up my family tree to see if I can make any connections with others.  I have attempted to do this before, but some are so complicated I end up getting frustrated and give up.  Hoping sometime this year to do the DNA testing to see what turns up too. 

Earlier this year, I reconnected with a cousin I haven't spoken to in over 30 years.  It has been fun catching up and discovering things about each other.  She has shed some insight into our grandfather.  He passed before I was born, so it is interesting hearing about him from a grandchild's perspective.

Here's to hoping that this year I can break through some of the brick walls I've been facing for the last several years.