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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Branches of Life

As I said, I’ve been searching my family tree for about 10 years now, well just over that. I started on webtv back in the day, and that wasn’t easy. In 1999, I got my first computer and really started my hunting there.

I am searching my maternal family tree surnames include PESTA, PODHAJSKI, PODCHAJSKI, JABLONSKI. (more to be added as they are discovered) From what is known so far, the PESTAs came from Mlawa, Poland. I will venture to guess right now that the JABLONSKIs come from the same area. The PODHAJSKIs come from Suwalki, Poland, in the Augustow region.

On my paternal side, I’m researching: ANDRUSZKOW, LATA, KOZAK, WOLNIK, WOJCIK, BLAHA, KUBLOWSKI. These will probably be a little trickier at times to trace. The ANDRUSZKOWs come from Stryj. It is on the border of Poland and Ukrainia. Due to the shifting of the borders it’s location varied, at this time it is in the Ukraine. My father was born in Zyrawa which I believe is now also part of the Ukraine. The papers I have for my LATAs show Austria as place of birth, but again the changing borders will take a bit of digging to determine that and where that location is now.

My notes are a mess and quite mixed up. I will need a few days to sort them out and separate into 2 binders again, one for each side. Then hopefully I can start digging through websites again.


  1. I have have Polish ancestry on my father's side and recently acquired a copy of his grandparents marriage record:
    Good luck!

  2. i am aware of the surname Minnesota unless my mind has twisted the spelling.